Beyond Academics (impossible is nothing)


St. Joseph’s High School looks forward to the integral development of the child. With academics, sports too occupies an important place among the other activities in the school. Besides the regular games organised in the school curriculum, our students are encouraged to participate in inter school sports and attain great achievements to their credit. Our students are trained by reputed coaches from the different sports categories right through the year.

Talent Shows

Our Josephites in action – the school provides a lot of opportunities to our students to expose their hidden abilities. Class wise programmes are conducted during the assembly enable the students on the stage to exhibit their talents. We also have inter house cultural competitions which provides a great opportunity to help to inculcate in them a healthy competitive spirit and showcase their various skills.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are installed in the school corridors, where the students are encouraged to express themselves. A topic is assigned every month and the children express their views and come up with eye catching displays. By this we artistically challenge our students on the latest public affairs causing them to showcase their understanding through their creative minds.